I actually started making metal music before I started making electronic. I started making metal music in about 2012, and I started making electronic music in about 2014.

Originally, my musical alias back between 2012 and 2015 was "Corpse United". Fun lil' easter egg: I still use that name, I just use it as a label name. Between 2015 and 2019, I used the alias "_L1m1t3d_" but I decided it was too edgy, and that I needed a name people could remember, and one that better suited my personality and music.

The name "Pulsar Glitch" is actually an astronomical term. It's used to describe a sudden increase in the rotational frequency of a pulsar, which is a magnetized neutron star with beams of radiation emitting from its magnetic poles.

I discovered this term while watching a show about space just over a year ago, and I instantly knew it had to be my once-and-for-all alias.

Under the name Pulsar Glitch, I have released an album and five EPs, with more to come very soon!

The Pulsar Glitch project blurs the lines among many sub-genres of electronic and metal, but usually consisting of synthwave, trance, house, drum & bass, ambient, and all things progressive. I've been told that my music sounds like a combination of deadmau5 and Nine Inch Nails, but with a unique twist.

Many have said that my style and signature sound is different than they've ever heard, and instantly recognizeable. That's probably due to my excessive use of analog synths and what could typically be considered minimal plugin use, just to achieve a very "raw" and "human" sound.

Aside from music, I'm a huge nerd. I've always been a tech buff, and that includes my knowledge and love for both computers and astronomy (clearly).

I started programming in 2016 and building computers in 2017. I've probably built and upgraded a dozen computers at this point. I currently know HTML and CSS, and I also dabble in Java, JavaScript, YAML, and C#.

My current setup consists of a custom desktop (Ryzen 7 3700X, RTX 2070, 32GB RAM, 256GB + 1TB NVMe SSDs), 27" 1440p 144Hz and 27" 1440p 75Hz monitors, and a 2018 base model Razer Blade 15.

Over the years I've acquired a Korg Prologue16, an IK Multimedia UNO, a Behringer UMC202HD, and Dynaudio BM5A studio monitors. I also use a 1984 Carvin X100B tube head with a 4x12 Marshall cabinet. Usually my guitar of choice is a Fender Mexican Stratocaster, however I sometimes also use a Fender Mexican Telecaster, a 1980 Epiphone Genesis, or a Dillion VMB500 bass.

That's a lot about me, whew!

I'm Phaius Wolgast, AKA Pulsar Glitch! I'm 18 years old and I live in Arizona, USA. I've been making music for almost my whole life and I have tons of other hobbies like programming, developing games, playing video games with my friends, making YouTube videos, and building computers.