Phi Wolgast, also known as his online alias Pulsar Glitch, is a multi-instrumentalist and multi-genre music producer from Tucson, AZ. He is half of the electronic music duo ASTRALMAKER and lead musician of the metal band GYA, as well as the drummer for several bands.

Pulsar Glitch

Since 2019, Phi has created his own unique electronic music under the alias. This functions as an umbrella for all his solo electronic projects, from the more typical house and synthwave tracks to the more obscure electronica and experimental ones.


This is Phi’s collaborative rock/metal project, which he uses as an outlet for his creative energy for music on the heavier side of things.


Phi’s duo project with Aaron Trinh combines their love for more mainstream EDM and indie music, and puts a whole new spin on it.


Phi is also the drummer and mixing engineer for local Tucson indie rock band COWS.


Phi is willing to undertake paid commissions for drum and synth session work, as well as mixing or mastering work and complete song production.

Studio sessions

ASTRALMAKER members Aaron and Phi hold weekly studio sessions on their Discord server for all to see their creative process, and for other musicians to tune in to.


Phi likes to create YouTube videos in his free time that range from product reviews and demos to song covers to tutorials.

About Phi

Phi has been playing music as long as he has been physically able to. He has over 20 years of music experience and plays with a couple local bands as their drummer.

Session musician

  • Phi usually records session drums or synths at his home studio, but occasionally he will record at other studios. Here he is recording with COWS at Waterworks in Tucson.

Home studio

  • Here is Phi with Aaron recording some guitar and chords from a Juno-106 for an upcoming ASTRALMAKER song.

ASTRALMAKER studio sessions

  • Join Phi and Aaron on their public Discord server weekly to collaborate, watch their progress on their music, show off your own music, or just hang out!