Phi wolgast

Phi is a musician and producer based out of Tucson, Arizona. Growing up, he was surrounded by music and enthralled with it from a young age.

Known online by the alias Pulsar Glitch, or under the name of the metal project GYA, Phi is a multi-instrumentalist and has been both creating and playing music for almost 20 years. Starting out with drums and adding more instruments like guitar, bass, and keyboard to his repertoire over the years, he can often function as somewhat of a one-man-band.

Phi has found a great love for creating online content for YouTube, and considers it his long-term goal to create YouTube content and write music for a living. This content consists of reviews, live jams, music videos, tutorials, and generally anything he would find helpful to his younger or less-experienced self.

In his solo ventures as Pulsar Glitch, the goal has always been creating in territory seldom adventured by others and defying genre boundaries to truly pioneer new forms of music with sounds and structures never-before-heard.


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Over the past several years, Phi has made a name for himself for creating unique and creative electronic and metal music, often collaborating with established musicians such as Aaron Trinh, LOGuitarist, Kellii Scott, and others.

Phi is also half of the electronic duo ASTRALMAKER with long-time friend and musical colleague Aaron Trinh. This project is more focused on satisfying the duo’s love and appreciation for the more mainstream side of music, taking influence from genres like synthpop, synthwave, drum & bass, house, trance, and indie rock.

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